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Interview with the delegate of Saudi Arabia in the Yemeni peace talk committee

During the morning committee meeting on the second day of the Yemeni peace talk, the importance of a ceasefire for negotiating the potential federal system in Yemen caused disagreements between many delegations. Mostly Saudi Arabia does not accept talking about the ceasefire, since the Houthis government often broke the ceasefire before.   Do you see any…
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‘What is normal?’, an expert opinion at ECOSOC on Friday

An interview of Prof. Dr. Jutta Roosen for marketing and consumer research at TUM regarding ‘normal’ meat consumption. She was a guest today at ECOSOC committee to talk about struggles on sustainable food production and needed changes in food consumption.  

How to be a good gossiper in 5 steps

Always keep eyes/ears open Do not hesitate to read notes negotiations Hide like a pro Provoke misunderstanding Accuse others for writing it   Enjoy !

International Court of Justice: Alleged Crimes from the Croatian War

  What constitutes genocide and what differentiates genocide from casualties of war? When the conflict in question was entangled with other bitter and bloody battles, when facts are little more than messy extractions from a chain of deeply complex historical events, it’s not easy to tell. This, however, is the task of the International Court…
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Newbie delegates making such an entrance at the Human Rights Council

In the HRC Committee, the delegates had the mission to discuss the question of Human Rights violations in Sudan. According to our sources, many of them are newbie delegates taking part in a MUN for the first time. Against all odds, these newborn diplomats are making a remarkable entrance in the Model United Nations universe.…
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Is there an important hidden aspect of sustainable food production?

[OPINION] The ECOSOC delegate of Uruguay confirmed the implementation of the Paris Agreement in reducing their carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable food production. Bovine meat is an essential export good of Uruguay. According to OEC, bovine meat represents 20% of their total exports, “Uruguai wants to succeed with sustainable food goals not by…
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Interview with Stephen Ibelli, Keynote Speaker

Public Affairs Chief of the US Consul in Munich Stephen Ibelli addressed the delegates at the Opening Ceremony of the IsarMUN 2019. He shared some insights into his work and life as a diplomat and offered some words of wisdom. 

UN Women: slow beginning for a lot of talks

For the first session of the UN Women committee, debates went slowly and discussions were going in circles. Passed the opening statements of each state, delegates raised the question of abortion under special circumstances and sexual education. The topic regarding abortion has long been discussed without reaching any consensus due to the strong position of…
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Welcome to IsarMUN Live 2019!

Dear Delegates, Chairs and Staff, Welcome to IsarMUN 2019 Live where we bring you the best and brightest from across the conference! This category will be updated throughout the conference with new articles from our plucky writers!

IsarMUN 2019 ROPs

Dear IsarMUN 2019 Delegates, The Rules of Procedure Have been updated since the last time you have received the link for the ROPs, please find the updated ROPs here   Thanks   p.s this is an easter egg, so well done you, if you find this, please let Philippe know