Munich, Germany

UN Women: slow beginning for a lot of talks

UN Women: slow beginning for a lot of talks

For the first session of the UN Women committee, debates went slowly and discussions were going in circles.

Passed the opening statements of each state, delegates raised the question of abortion under special circumstances and sexual education. The topic regarding abortion has long been discussed without reaching any consensus due to the strong position of some delegations, as Nicaragua declared: “refusing abortion under any circumstance, including rape or incest. Life is a gift from God”.

Then, after two unmoderated caucus of 15 minutes each, possible agreements were ambiguous and the following debate on sexual education lacking of real proposals.

However, delegations have mostly recognised the importance of sexual education and the need to develop it in order to prevent some unintended pregnancies.
Considering the situation, the crucial point now will be fomenting a constructive dialogue between delegations to forge ahead a resolution.