Application process

Who can apply for IsarMUN?

IsarMUN is a university level conference, hence only university students are eiglible to participate. However some exceptions (e.g. high school students) are made (see can High School delegates aply below) 

When can I apply?

Our applications are open now and will be open until the beginning of November 2019.

How can I participate in the conference?

First you must submit a delegate or press application to the conference.  Following the successful acceptance of this application you will be sent an invoice. The fulfillment of this invoice confirms your participation in IsarMUN

How does the application work?

Simply navigate to the application form and go through the pages of application, filling in your details when needed. Make sure to answer each question fully, as this will help you application. For more information regarding delegation applications, look below!

Can high school delegates apply?

We do accept high school delegates but only as part of a supervised delegation. Furthermore, all delegates should be over a certain age but may also not be allowed to attend some of the socials for IsarMUN

When will I get my allocation?

Once your payment has been processed we will be allocating delegates in monthly waves from October

Can IsarMUN help me with my visa?

Yes we can supply a visa invitation letter once payment is complete but we cannot help inquiring with embassies or arranging apointments


How can I pay the participation fee?

We accept the participation fee via Paypal or direct bank transfer. Check your invoice for the bank details and name, and the paypal email

How do I know that you recieved my payment?

We will send you a confirmation email upon recieving your payment that confirms your participation in IsarMUN

Can I get my money refunded?

We only accept refunds if your visa is refused on application with significant time to spare (two months minimum). Otherwise, we do not accept refunds at IsarMUN.

Do the fees entail travel and accommodation?

The fees do not entail travel to Munich or accommodation for the stay. However, we can help with finding accommodation and flights through our recommended hostels and parter Flyla!


Is there a dress code?

Yes! We expect delegates to wear smart or business dress throughout the conference. Meaning Suit and die for men and smart dresses for women, but women may also wear suits, and men dressess too!

Do I have to be present at all sessions?

Yes, to recieve a participation certificate and to have complied with the terms of the visa invitation and terms of participation, delegates need to be present for all sessions bar an emergency.

Do I have to attend the socials?

You are not required to attend the socials but bear in mind the fees include the socials. Furthermore, socials are part of the MUN experience so we highly reccommend it!

What is IsarMUNs awards policy?

All committees (apart from ICJ) will have three awards:
– Best Delegate
– Distinguished Delegate
– Honourable Delegate

ICJ will feature a best Advocate Team and Best Judge

Press Team will also have a best Press Team Award


How do I apply as a delegation?

To apply as a delegation you need to have a minimum of 5 other delegates who wish to apply with you.

Step 1: All delegates must apply using the delegate applications, and specify on page 2 the name of the delegation they are with

Step 2: The head delegate or faculty advisor (or observers) must also apply and fill out special details sent to their email

Step 3: The delegation must decide whether to pay individually or together, once this payment is fulfilled…

Step 4: You’ve successfully registered as a delegation and we look forward to seeing you at IsarMUN 2019!

Do delegations need to apply together or for one committee only?

No, delegations can and should apply with separate applications so we can take into account everyone’s experience and preference

Delegates in a delegation are free to choose whatever committee they want.