Munich, Germany


General Questions about MUN and IsarMUN

What is MUN?

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of bodies of the United Nations as well as other international organizations like NATO and the EU. Students assume the role of a diplomat, represent a country and debate on a current or historic topic.

Can I participate at IsarMUN if I have never been to a MUN conference?

Yes, you can! In the past, we have always had many first-time delegates. We teach you all the rules of procedure before the conference and the chairs, the heads of your committee, are trained to help beginners as well.


How can I apply?
Can I apply as a delegation?

Yes, you can! Just sign up as a delegation on mymun. Keep in mind that each individual delegate also has to apply over mymun.

Until when can I apply? 

At the latest during our late registration phase (until March 10) which is more expensive. However, due to limited capacities, there might not be a late registration if all of the spots are filled up.

When am I officially accepted? 

You are officially accepted once we accept you on mymun and you have paid your delegate fee (see payment). If you don’t pay until March 17 you’re registration will be revoked.

Is there an age limit for attendees?

Yes, you have to be between the ages of 16 and 26 in order to participate. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Executive Directors.

Where did the committees ICJ, EUCO and ECOSOC go?

Sadly, due to lack of interest, we had to cut these three committees.

Underage Delegates

I am 15 years old, can I participate?

Yes, but only if you are part of a delegation that is accompanied by an adult faculty advisor that was granted duty of supervision (“Aufsichtspflicht”) by your legal guardians.

What committee will I be in?

If you are under 18 years old, you will be in one of our high school committees. 

Can I attend the socials if I am underage?

You can attend our reception after the opening ceremony and, if you are above 16 years old, you can attend our IsarMUN Beer Festival on Friday. However, because of underage laws in Germany we cannot allow underage delegates at the Saturday social.

Fees & Payment

Are there any fees associated with attending the conference?

Yes, you have to pay the delegate fee which is 75 €.

What fee do I have to pay?

If you applied within the early bird registration window and have been accepted, you can pay until February 19 and get the early bird fee. After that you have to pay the regular delegate fee which is 75 €. If you are a delegation over 10 people, you are eligible for a discount (only for delegates, not for faculty advisors).

How do I pay?

You can pay over the mymun page. If you are a delegation you can also contact us for our bank details.

What is included in the fee? 

Conference materials, coffee and lunch at the conference, participation in our opening day, three socials (exception applies for underage students), goodies and certificates

When do I pay?

Please only pay once you’ve been accepted. 

Can I cancel my registration?

Cancellation will be at the discretion of the Executive Directors. Please contact us under

Can I get a refund if I need to cancel my registration?

If you cancel your registration before 10 March we can offer you a free refund. If you cancel before March 17 we can offer you a 50% refund. In any case, we are unable to reimburse you for the mymun processing fee (around 5€). After March 17 we will not offer refunds.


Where will the conference take place?

The conference will take place at the “Burg Schwaneck”, a beautiful castle in the south of Munich. Since we have limited capacities and a big conference, we outsourced some committees to the “Gasthof Rabenwirt”, a scenic restaurant 5 minutes walking distance from the castle.

Where will the opening day on Thursday take place?

The first day will take place at the “Alte Kongresshalle”, an event room in the center of Munich near the famous “Theresienwiese” where the Oktoberfest takes place each year.

How do I get to the conference? 

To reach the conference you take the S7 (direction: Wolfratshausen) from Munich Hauptbahnhof (Central Train Station) to the station called Pullach. From there it’s just a short walk to the Burg Schwaneck (Burgweg 10, 82049 Pullach im Isartal). If you are staying at the A&O Hostel in Munich you will take the same train starting at Donnersbergerbrücke. Please be aware that there is construction on the rails during our conference, therefore the S7 won’t start at Marienplatz or stop at Hackerbrücke (before 4 pm). You can take any other S train from Marienplatz to Donnersbergerbrücke and change on the S7.


Do you provide accommodation?

Yes, we do provide accommodation for delegates that are over 18 for an extra fee. Once you have been accepted you will receive information on how to book a bed at the Burg Schwaneck, where the conference will also take place. There are only a limited number of beds so book them as soon as possible!

How do I book accommodation over you?

We will provide you with the details via email within one week of you receiving your email of acceptance.

Are there recommended hotels or accommodations for high school delegates?

We don’t have a specific recommendation. However, since the conference will take place in Pullach at the S7, we recommend booking something along the route of the train S7. Due to construction we recommend hotels and hostels near the main train station, Donnersbergerbrücke or further south.



Where can I find the conference schedule?

We will post the schedule shortly.

When should I plan to arrive?

Our opening day will be Thursday, April 11. We have a lot of activities like workshops, expert talks, discussions and of course our opening ceremony with a champagne reception planned. Therefore, we recommend you arrive Thursday mid-day. This will give you enough time to check out our opening day and register at the conference. All the activities are free of charge for IsarMUN participants.


Are there any travel discounts for conference attendees?

Yes! We are partnering with Flix for IsarMUN 2024. In your letter of acceptance we will tell you how you can get 50% off of your train or bus journey.

Is there parking available at the conference venue?

There is limited parking available. However, we recomment that you take the S7.

What is the nearest airport to the conference?

The nearest airport is the Munich Airport in Freising. You can take the S1 or S8 or the Lufthansa Airport Shuttle (


Will you offer socials?

Yes, we have three socials planned. You can find out more about them on our IsarMUN Website.

Can I attend the socials if I am underage?

Please check out the answer to this question under “underage”.

Accessibility and Dietary Restrictions

Is the venue accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Not all of the rooms are accessible. Therefore, we please ask you to contact us beforehand so we can arrange the committee rooms in a way that works. 

Is there accommodation for accessibility needs?

Yes, please contact us directly.

Will you cater to dietary restrictions?

Yes, we will cater to different dietary restrictions. For planning purposes, please put your dietary requirements on your mymun application.