Munich, Germany

Newbie delegates making such an entrance at the Human Rights Council

Newbie delegates making such an entrance at the Human Rights Council

In the HRC Committee, the delegates had the mission to discuss the question of Human Rights violations in Sudan. According to our sources, many of them are newbie delegates taking part in a MUN for the first time. Against all odds, these newborn diplomats are making a remarkable entrance in the Model United Nations universe.

For their first debate session, the delegates made a strong impression when tackling the issues linked to the violation of Human Rights in Sudan. Talented speakers, skilled and cooperative diplomats, determined collaborators: these are the best terms describing these delegates.

Even during the coffee breaks, some delegates, including Afghanistan, Somalia or China, stayed in the Committee room to keep up the good work and make sure to get things moving during the afternoon second session.

Despite the small moments of clumsiness and the traditional misuse of personal pronouns, the Committee succeeded in addressing the topic of the violation of human rights in Sudan and more specifically proposals to ensure stability, education as a potential mean to fight corruption and humanitarian aid in Sudan.

While debating, the HRC delegates also appear to be particularly active when it comes to gossips and socializing. The Press Team cannot wait to see the achievements of this beginner but not less involved Committee!