Munich, Germany

Historical Security Council: Big lesson of diplomacy

Historical Security Council: Big lesson of diplomacy

The Historical Security Council is working hard to find a resolution concerning the aftermath of the Six Days War between Israel and its neighbours in 1967. Various draft resolutions have been submitted and the discussion goes on between motivated and involved delegates.

This advanced committee offers a significant vision of diplomacy and negotiations process in this event. All familiars with MUNs, they seem to enjoy the debate and have a lot of fun in front of a captivated audience.

I asked some delegates what this MUN means and how working in this committee was for them:

Delegate of Ethiopia: “Everyone is very involved; we can truly express ourselves. We can feel that each delegate has been working and thinking the matter, everyone knows perfectly the subject and its pleasant.”

Delegate of Denmark: “We have constructive discussions leading on interesting resolution. This is important to me. This is my first participation in the Historical Security Council and its quite different from other: researches are different, more complicated but it allows us to feel fully prepared to debate.”

Delegate of Bulgaria: “It’s going very well so far, I’m really enjoying it. Everyone is active, there is a lot of good proposals. I didn’t know anyone before but make friends easily, it is a pleasure working with them.”


The Press Conference beheld later in the afternoon has confirmed this impression: “the two delegations are satisfied with the debate so far, since we succeeded in tackling the most important issues related to the topic. We believe that we are on the right path to reach a common ground and find a resolution that will satisfy the whole committee. We have been productive, and we are thankful for the proposals of the delegates regarding the working paper”, explains the United States of America delegation.

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