Author: Clemens Ganzert

Maritime security: not all in the same boat

The Strait of Hormuz is a crooked stretch of water whose diminutive size is vastly outweighed by its extreme political and logistical significance. Twisted between a jutting peninsula shared by the United Arab Emirates and Oman, and crushed beneath the curving southern coast of Iran, the strait is at times barely 39km wide. And a…
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Over-caffeinated? Hungover? Raring to go? 10 delegates rate their energy levels

We are smack in the middle of the IsarMUN 2019. Half the debates and two out of three socials are behind us. How are your energy levels doing? Did you get more than three hours sleep last night? Was that last drink really a good idea? And did the coffee this morning help you out…
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International Court of Justice: Alleged Crimes from the Croatian War

  What constitutes genocide and what differentiates genocide from casualties of war? When the conflict in question was entangled with other bitter and bloody battles, when facts are little more than messy extractions from a chain of deeply complex historical events, it’s not easy to tell. This, however, is the task of the International Court…
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Interview with Stephen Ibelli, Keynote Speaker

Public Affairs Chief of the US Consul in Munich Stephen Ibelli addressed the delegates at the Opening Ceremony of the IsarMUN 2019. He shared some insights into his work and life as a diplomat and offered some words of wisdom.