Yemeni Peace Talks




Negotiations to solve the Yemeni Civil War and Crisis

Number of delegates



The Yemeni Peace Talks are a chance for delegates to really experience the difficult negotiations where it really matters. The conflict in Yemen has raged for years, propelled by both sides and their partners. Delegates will need to channel all their diplomatic knowledge to create a peace agreement that satisfies both sides and brings peace to the region once more.


The Chairs

Luca Nicola

Luca is a political science student at the University of Zurich and is very pleased to be chairing at this year’s edition of IsarMUN. He is incredibly excited to be able to chair such a unique and intricate committee, and will give it his all to make it a great experience. Fun Fact about himself, He adores patterned socks, so be sure to bring your best sock game to the committee! He has other passions too, such as painting, catching up on TV Series (often simultaneously), and diving. He looks forward to discovering Munich and meeting everyone at IsarMUN this November.

Michael Bornholdt 

Michael Bornholdt completed his B.Sc. of Physics at the University of Hamburg and will begin his Master’s in Computational Science and Engineering at the TUM this October. Michaels enthusiasm for natural sciences and geopolitics has motivated him to spend time studying abroad at Imperial College London, in Stellenbosch, South Africa, and in Perth, Australia. His MUN experience is closely linked to the leadership program be-boosted and most notably includes LIMUN and WorldMUN. He now is looking forward to applying his creativity and organizational skills to role of the Chair at IsarMun.

Patrick Schenck

Patrick Schenk is studying aerospace engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and will be beginning his Master’s in October this year. His interests in history and geopolitics drew him to do his first MUN in 2017 where he could apply his knowledge practically. Since then he has been to over fifteen conferences all over Europe. Having simulated a Crisis based on the Yemeni Civil War in a previous conference he is now excited to see if a peaceful solution to the conflict can be found.