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The Question of Kurdish Minorities in Asia Minor and Middle East

The Trade Warfare as a Threat to Global Peace and Stability

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Room 124 , Ludwigstraße 29

AU115, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1

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The United Nations Security Council, consisting of 5 permanent members with veto powers and 10 temporary participating states, is one of the main bodies of the United Nations. Having the primary task of maintaining of international peace and security, the Council debates and take decisions upon the most crucial problems of the world to prevent further escalations of the conflicts. Throughout the IsarMUN’18, the participants of the Council will be focusing on the question of Kurdish minorities in in the Middle East & Asia Minor and trade warfare as a threat to global peace and security. 

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The Chairs

Jakub Rurarz

Jakub Rurarz comes from Poland, although he was born in Costa Rica and currently lives in Maastricht, pursing his studies in European Law. He attended more than 20 MUNs, chairing at conferences such as HamMUN, EuroMUN or BMEU. The UN Security Council is his specialty, alongside with EU committees. Apart from his MUN addiction, he spends most of his time travelling and making cocktails, and developed a fondness for airports and fine dining. Son of a diplomat, he takes protocol seriously. Don’t try to come to his Council without a tie!

Korbinian Goller

Korbinian is a 24 year old double major in Business Administration and Political Science interested in international affairs and international political economics.
His prior MUN experiences include OxiMUN 2017 (Myanmar, WHO), IsarMUN 2017 (Thranduil, JCC) and ZuMUN 2017 (Alexios Angelos, JCC).
Besides his ridiculous obsession with company brands and their economic performance he loves to read at least two books at the same time striving to satisfy both higher literary needs as well as primitive urges.
At this year’s IsarMUN, he is most looking forward to delegates willing to go the whole way to get the job done.
True to the motto: If you do not speak out your country will not be heard!
As a crappy dancer he believes it is his hidden talent to come up with creative excuses to evade joining his friends at club nights.
For her tireless grassroots activism and relentless persistence in the face of great resistance Korbinian would be most honored to treat Senator Elizabeth Warren to a strawberry frosted sprinkles donut before joining her in the good fight for greater consumer protection and against unchecked corporate greed.