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The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (also known as NATO), is an intergovernmental organisation and alliance that is built on cooperation between its 29 member states. It is centred around working together on areas concerning security and defence, with an aim to prevent conflict and promote democratic values.

NATO was officially created with the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty, also known as the Washington Treaty, on April 4 1949, building of previous treaties between the UK, France and the Benelux countries. At its inauguration, NATO composed of the aforementioned states, plus Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Denmark and Norway, Canada and the United States of America. As of last year, the alliance inducted its newest member, Montenegro. What makes NATO stand out among similar international organisations is its “mutual defence” clause in its founding treaty, simply put, where one member is attacked, all respond. Illustrating the importance that NATO places upon trust, confidence, and cooperation amongst its members is that decisions made on behalf of the alliance, is made only by consensus, expressing the collective will of all of its members on an issue. APPLY NOW

The Chairs

Sebastian Leicher

Sebastian (24) is studying in the Master in Management at the Technical University of Munich after completing his Bachelor in Engineering Science. His love for geopolitics and an exchange semester to Taiwan has brought him to MUNs three years ago. Since then he has attended eight conferences in Europe and Hong Kong and worked in the MUNTUM society. IsarMUN 2019 is his first time as a chair and he is very much looking forward to fruitful debates in the NATO committee and a great home

Abhiraj Goswami

Hailing from the city of Kolkata, in India, Abhiraj is a third year student at Jadavpur University, currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Political Science. His avid interest in the world of politics and diplomacy was greatly influenced by the existence of Model UN conferences and he believes that if pursued honestly, MUNs can really help an individual re-think their perspectives. He wishes to pursue his master’s degree in international security and looks forward to exploring and discovering new grounds as far as the subject is concerned.

Jakub Rurarz