Korean Unification Talks




Korean Unification Talks

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Room 103 , Amalienstraße 73a

M201, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1

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Korean Unification, a committee that aims to bring an official end to the decades-long separation in the Korean Peninsula, will take you to a room where the delegations from the United States of America, People’s Republic of China, Russian Federation, Japan and both Koreas will be present. Trying to ensure their interests will not be damaged by this potential unification; all participants will debate restlessly while dealing with international community and real world problems that may prove to be an obstacle for them. While the unification only will be possible with proper answers given and decisions taken in regards to three main sections; economical, political and social, delegations will be pushed to their limits to make it happen.


The Chairs

Inés Faghihi

Inés Faghihi is 20 years old and will be serving as your Chair of the Korean Unification Talks. For her Economics and Business studies she moved from her home in Bremen to Groningen in the Netherlands two years ago, and also will be spending a semester in Lille in France during the time of IsarMUN. Her Model United Nations path began in 2013 and since then she participated in various ways in approximately 20 conferences all around Europe. This year it will be her second IsarMUN after she had the chance to represent the US in the World Trade Organisation in 2017. Next to her passion for MUNs she shares her heart with an equally big passion: ballroom dancing. For IsarMUN 2018 she is especially looking forward to a little less „false diplomacy” and a little bit more to delegates who take the matter seriously.
Every once in a while she also makes use of her hidden talent: baking fancy and highly decadent cakes.
If she could, she would go out to dinner with Louise Fréchette asking her about her job of being a (female) Deputy Secretary General.

Vivian van der Linde

Vivian was born to a Dutch father and an English mother and moved to the capital city of Austria at the age of 6. She turned 22 last term and is enrolled in the final year of her bachelor of European Studies at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Intending to pursue a masters in Global Criminology, Vivian is currently doing a minor in Criminology and International Criminal Law at the University of Vienna. She started her MUN trajectory as a member of the Permanent Delegation of Maastricht’s United Nations Student Association. Since then she has attended multiple MUNs both as a delegate and a chair. Vivian is particularly looking forward to revisiting the beautiful city of Munich and hopes that the Korean Unification Committee can serve as an example for the real world.
One of Vivian’s hidden talents is being able to tie a double knot into a cherry stem with her tongue, (sadly this has yet to become a requirement for a career at the UN). If she could go to dinner with any politician, it would have to be Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, in order to discuss his rise to power and controversial policies.

Rizqi Imaduddin

Rizqi was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. He studies International Relations and Organization at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. He is a self-described freelance MUNer going wherever the MUN world takes him as both chairs and delegate. He is the newly appointed Undersecretary General for TEIMUN 2019. He looks forward to see famous German efficiency in IsarMUN, as this would he his first German MUN. Rizqi did his study abroad in South Korea and is a big fan of Korean culture and food. If he can have dinner with a politician, it would be with Bernie Sanders as he can have a really fun discussion with him and at the end of the day they could split the bill.