IsarMUN Team

The IsarMUN Organization

IsarMUN is a conference by students for students. Each year a new team comes together and dedicates every minute of their free time, endless efforts and passion to prepare and carry out IsarMUN, the largest MUN conference in the south of Germany.
2018, in its 11th edition, the conference saw significant organizational restructuring. Namely the separation of the organization team into an Executive Board, headed by two CEOs and an international, remotely operating Secretariat, headed by the Secretary-General, accompanied by a Deputy Secretary-General. By this separation the academic spheres of the conference get more attention and man power, offering our participants an even more enriching experience in Munich with an even greater international influence, whilst also giving the logistical implementation of the conference the attention it deserves and ensuring a smooth running of the conference.

The Executive Board

Consisting of 9 driven students, of whom 8 study at the LMU in Munich, they invest all of their nerves in ensuring that every minute of the conference goes as planned. From Finance to Logistics over Delegate Services and Socials to Publicity, the Executive Board takes care of the logostical preparation of IsarMUN and a sucessfully running conference in November.

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The Secretariat

The Secretariat is IsarMUN’s new academics team consisting of a Secretary-General, a Deputy Secretary-General and 4 Under-Secretary-Generals for Academics from all around the world. They focus solely on the academic content and quality of IsarMUN, managing amongst others the year’s topic, committees and chairs, making sure that all the participants gets the most out of the IsarMUN-experience.

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