Executive Board 2018

Chief Executive Officer

Anna-Sophie Weinstein

Anna-Sophie Weinstein is a first-year double degree student majoring in Law and Near and Middle Eastern studies at the LMU.
Education being an issue very close to her heart, most of her extracurriculars evolve around it: Mentoring highly gifted students, being an active member of the student council for the law faculty and being highly involved with Model United Nations give her different approaches and perspectives to the topic which she enjoys very much.
Amazed by the MUN concept since she was 16 years old, she has taken part in numerous conferences in Germany and abroad as delegate, chair and secretariat member. She was very proud of being involved in the organization and chairing the first-ever German-speaking committee in the Arabic World at ESKMUN in Cairo this spring.
She currently speaks German, English and Portuguese fluently as well as some Arabic, French and Spanish.
Anna-Sophie is more than excited to serve as CEO of IsarMUN 2018 and work with such an amazing team on another year of IsarMUN-greatness.


Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian Eppelt

For Sebastian Eppelt MUN has been an integral part of his university life since he joined the Model United Nations Association Munich in 2015. He is glad to get the chance of serving the society as Deputy Chairman and IsarMUN 2018 as Director General, a position he held already for IsarMUN’s previous edition.
Sebastian in a physics major who finished his undergraduate studies at LMU with an exchange and research year at the University of British Columbia/TRIUMF in Vancouver earlier this year. He has just started his master studies at LMU and is currently working in a particle physics laboratory at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.
Despite the distance, Sebastian is committed to the project and works closely together with the organizing team. Building on the experiences and knowledge gained from IsarMUN’s latest editions and a highly motivated and active executive board and secretariat, he is convinced that IsarMUN 2018 will be the conference we are all looking forward to.


Executive Officer for Logistics

Ana Popova

Ana Popova is a third year law student at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. Next to her study, she aims at developing various competences. As a part of the Delegation Project of the biggest MUN society in Munich – MUNAM, she learns how to use her legal expertise in a diplomatic manner and practices at MUN conferences around Europe. Her volunteering work for the “Studenten bilden Schüler” association helps her develop patience and understanding for other people from different cultures. In her free time, she enjoys singing and playing the piano.
The 2017 edition of IsarMUN was her first MUN conference and an unforgettable experience. For this reason, she is highly motivated to contribute to a conference of highest quality, serving IsarMUN 2018 as an Executive Officer for Logistics.


Executive Officer for Logistics

Lisa Hoffäller

Lisa Hoffäller is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Intercultural Communications after studying Political Sciences at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.
Besides many other international experiences, Lisa spent over half a year in Brighton, UK, where she gained further valuable intercultural experiences through the work with her international counterparts in 2014. Now, her Master’s degree is fostering her interest in the collaboration with like­-minded, committed people and her belief in the importance of dialogue. Apart from social and political interests, she has always been passionate about traveling and languages.
Lisa joined the Model United Nations Association Munich last year to further deepen her understanding and knowledge in diplomatic and political issues. As her first organising role in a MUN, Lisa is more than thrilled to contribute to this year’s IsarMUN by serving as an Executive Officer for Logistics and to be a part of this amazing team.


Executive Officer for Publicity

Christina Pletowski

Christina Pletowski is a senior student in North American Studies with focus on American and transatlantic politics at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and has studied Political Science at Northern Kentucky University in addition. Due to her strong interest in globals issues and international politics, she participated in various Model United Nations Conferences in the USA, the Emirates and Europe and gained valuable experiences in diplomacy and political decision-making, winning several awards for outstanding representation of countries. Christina joined the Model United Nations Associations e.V. club last year to further deepen her knowledge and skills in political issues. In her free time she enjoys travelling, playing tennis and surfing.
Being the Executive Officer for Publicity will be her first organising role in a MUN. Christina is more than excited to organise IsarMUN 2018 with such an amazing team to make the conference as interesting, enjoyable and memorable as possible.


Executive Officer for Socials

Luna Rehberger

Luna Rehberger (19) is a first year law student at Ludwig Maximilian university. She is president-elect of the student council for the law faculty and will take office in October. Born and raised in Hemlin, she graduated High School in 2016 and has volunteered amongst others for the child protection union, the scouts and the city youth care creating opportunities for children with difficult family backgrounds. In addition to that she lead several events within the church’s youth chapter.
Working for the current swiss ambassador of Turkey during her gap year abroad she discovered her passion for international politics. Once starting her studies in Munich she got in contact with the Model UN world and was immediately fascinated by it. She is thrilled to be serving as Executive Officer for Socials for this year’s IsarMUN and to be a part of the amazing team.


Executive Officer for Socials

Manuela Castellanos

Manuela Castellanos (20) is currently pursuing a double degree in Law and political Science at the LMU. She was born and raised in Colombia, where she went to a German school. Manuela’s goal is to get involved in Colombian politics, and help improve the political and social situation in her country. Her interest for MUN awoke when she was in school, where she participated in 3 MUNs. Having grown up within both cultures, the German and the Colombian one, and having participated in various exchange programs, Manuela developed a passion for traveling, learning new languages and diving into different cultures. In order to improve her debating skills and to learn more about diplomacy Manuela joined the MUNAM e.V. Delegation Project 2017/18 and participated in last year IsarMUN’s edition among other great conferences. Manuela is very excited to be part of this year’s IsarMUN Executive Board, serving as Executive Officer for the Socials.


Executive Officer for Finance and Sponsoring

Clemens Ganzert

Clemens Ganzert is a third-year law student at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.
Starting his MUN-career during high school at the age of 16, his interest in international affairs grew even more after he participated in an international moot court. In doing so, he found a perfect way to combine his passion for the law and his curiosity about world politics and diplomacy. Therefore, he joined the MUNAM e.V. delegation project in 2017 and is now looking forward to expanding his MUN-record, whilst getting to know like-minded students from all fields of study.
This year, performing his duties as executive officer for finance and sponsoring, he will be acquiring sponsorships and maintaining funds for this year’s edition of IsarMUN.


Executive Officer for Delegate Services

Philippe Lefevre

Philippe Lefevre is a history and politics student split between studying at the University of York and the Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris. Being the Executive Board Director for Delegates, this will be his first organising role in an MUN. He has been doing MUN and MEU for just over a year and has done 16 MUNs, with 6 of them Chairing roles. They have taken him all over Europe and beyond, from Edinburgh to Jerusalem, and they are one of his favourite things to participate in and ignore all the crushing University work he has. He also works with the Youth Association for a Greater Europe in his limited free time and dabbles in Badminton and Guitar.