International Court of Justice




Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the crime of Genocide (Croatia / Serbia)

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One of the UN’s six principal organs is the the International Court of Justice. Also called the World Court it is the primary legal organ of the United Nations that hears disputes from states and gives advice to the UN. It is one of the most important sources of international law in the world. Founded after WWII, it drew heavily on its predecessor the Permanent Court of International Justice, established by the League of Nations.


The Chairs

Dominik Ströbel

Dominik is currently a medical and incoming law student at LMU Munich. He entered the world of debate and MUN when he spent an exchange year in the United States during his junior year of high school. Since his return to Germany he has attended numerous conferences as both delegate and chair all around the continent. Having been part of IsarMUN as delegate last year, Dominik is very much looking forward to being able to serve as chair of the ICJ at this year’s edition.

Marco Garcia

Marco is a 2nd year International Relations student at the University of Edinburgh, and is honoured to chair the ICJ, arguably the embodiment of the greatest legal triumph of humankind in our quest for peace! Originally from Mexico, he has been jumping all over the place all his life, having lived in no less than eight countries. Thus, he has always been crazy about how different countries co-exist, and he does hope he can pass that enthusiasm onto the delegates. He cannot wait to present evidence, cross examine, deliberate (and above all, party) with you all this November!

Reem Al-Ghassab