Executive Team

The Executive Team 2020

A conference is only as good as its organisers, and we’re glad in this respect to have such a fantastic team organising IsarMUN 2020.

Conference Managers

Svenja Chen

Svenja Chen is a fourth-year law student at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, where she specializes in Public International Law. She has been participating in MUNs for many years, most recently chairing at ScotMUN and IsarMUN. In Munich, she served as Vice President of MUNAM. She is half German and half Chinese and recently spent a year abroad at the University College London. Additionally, she interned for the German Foreign Ministry (at the Consulate General in Shanghai). As can be seen, she is a big fan of multicultural and international experiences and therefore, with excitement, takes on the role of Chief Executive Officer of IsarMUN 2020.

Lukas Worch

Lukas Worch is currently studying for a masters of physics at the Technical University of Munich. He has been participating in MUN for over six years now, and has been to many conferences, including several past iterations of IsarMUN. Having already been on the team for IsarMUN 2019, taking charge of delegate services, he is excited to return this year to create another memorable and engaging conference. In addition to his work at IsarMUN, he has also served as treasurer and president of MUNTUM in Munich. As he loves taking part in MUN conferences as a delegate, he hopes to make IsarMUN 2020 as enjoyable as the amazing conferences he has been to.

Executive Officers

Sophie Brandt

Born in Augsburg, Sophie grew up in Bavaria and against her initial plans remained there when she started her Bachlor at the TUM studying politics with a connection to technology. She started MUN when she was 15 and was hooked ever since. In university she continued her passion for MUNs and got elected Vice President of MUNTUM. After attending multiple MUNs all over Europe she finally wanted to start chairing but unfortunately her plans were interrupted by Covid-19. Instead she decided to jump right into organising the conferences that have brought her so much joy over the past 6 years and now hopes to contribute to many other peoples happiness by being part of this years IsarMUN.

Leonie Walle

Leonie Walle is currently in her second year of law school at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and will spend the coming semester abroad at the University of Zurich. During her studies she got especially interested in public law which is why she got an internship at the German Parliament. Through the Delegation Project of MUNAM e.V. Leonie first got in touch with Model United Nations and enjoyed it greatly. She is therefore looking forward to organizing this year’s edition of IsarMUN as Executive Officer for Finance and Sponsoring. She truly hopes that this year’s conference will once again bring together many committed and enthusiastic young people who will lead fruitful discussions and spread the MUN-spirit.

Patrick Koppitz

Patrick Koppitz is a half German and half Chinese MUN enthusiast, currently studying law at the LMU Munich. Having grown up in Shanghai while attending a German and French school his international background has provided a foundation for his curiosity regarding different cultures and has sparked his interest in Model United Nations. He first got in touch with MUN during his high school days and has since participated in many conferences, the last being IsarMUN 2019. This year Patrick is returning, however not as delegate, instead he will be taking on the role of Executive Officer for Logistics. He hopes that IsarMUN 2020 will provide a memorable experience with exciting, heated, and intriguing moments, after all the young minds of today will shape the future of tomorrow.

Moritz Hoss

The debates are without a doubt the most important part of any MUN session, but socials are as well a key factor in order to make a good MUN great. Moritz Hoss will be in charge of the afterwork programm. Originating from Luxembourg with a German as a mother, he grew up in a multicultural environment and is passionate about meeting new people from all over the world. The student of political science might only have participated at a few MUN sessions but is definitely up for the challenge to make the nights of IsarMUN 2020 with a various program as memorable as the rest of the weekend.