Executive Board 2019

The Executive Board for IsarMUN 2019

A conference is only as good as its organisers, and we’re glad in this respect to have such a fantastic team organising IsarMUN 2019.

Conference Managers

Franziska Lienkamp

Franziska is just finishing her master’s degree in History at LMU Munich. She is a dedicated MUNer since 2017 and obviously loves historic crisis committees the most. Franziska is in the event business for six years now and loves to organize big events all over Munich. With IsarMUN 2019, she hopes to bring a joyful, multifaceted and innovative MUN conference to its participants, where they can connect with fellow MUNers from around the world & get to know Munich and the Bavarian culture at its finest. Especially, at a time of political uncertainty within Europe and the world, she is dedicated to provide a platform for young people to form and develop their own opinions on complex international conflicts. Finally, Franziska is a true foodie and hopes to provide the most delicious food during IsarMUN 2019!




Jules Bertemes

Originally from Luxembourg, Jules is in his second year of his Bachelor’s degree in politics at the LMU Munich, fueling his interests from his participation in the Luxembourgish Youth Parliament. Starting his MUN career as early as 2014, he took a prolonged hiatus until 2018, when he joined the MUNAM delegation. Ever since rejoicing from the multiculturality of MUNs, he hopes to ignite that spark in this year’s IsarMUN and bring Bavaria’s capital closer to delegates across the world.





Executive Officers for Logistics

Martina Chalar

Martina is finishing her B.A. in English Studies and looking forward to starting her second degree in International Management in Autumn. She has been in touch with the MUN project for over nine years now, but it is her first time joining in as part of the Executive Chair. For this 2019 IsarMUN edition, she will be working together with Tabea in managing the logistics side of the event, which is the area in which she has had most experience with during the past. Her aim is to support the team by making sure everything is in place and that all participants get to enjoy every aspect of all four days of IsarMUN. This year’s edition unites two of her core fields of interest, namely humanities and technology, as well as encourages her eagerness to meet like-minded students such as the ones who will be taking part.

Apart from being a true linguistics lover and a dedicated dinner-party host for her private network, she loves jazz and spending time in nature, as well as conducting interdisciplinary research.


Tabea Schulze Pals

Tabea Schulze Pals is a fourth-year law student at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. Due to her sparkling interest in foreign cultures and languages, Tabea has always been interested in gaining international experience. At the age of 14, she spent a year living and studying in Dunedin, New Zealand. Going to school with many students of Maori and South East Asian descent she experienced people with various mentalities and cultural backgrounds. After graduating bilingually in 2016, Tabea spent nine months carrying out a voluntary service in El Salado, a small indigenous village in the Ecuadorian Andes. Experiencing very basic living conditions in Ecuador made her sense the importance of human rights at first hand. Apart from social and political interests, Tabea also enjoys reading, spending time outdoors and travelling. Tabea joined the Model United Nations Association in 2018 to deepen her understanding of international politics and diplomacy. Being absolutely impressed by the excellent organisation of IsarMUN 2018, she is more than thrilled to contribute to this year’s IsarMUN by serving as an Executive Officer for Logistics.



Executive Officer for Delegate Services

Lukas Worch

Lukas is currently writing his bachelor’s thesis in physics at the TU Munich, and is also serving as board member of its MUN society, MUNTUM. He has taken part in MUN conferences since 2014, and hopes to make IsarMUN 2019 the best conference to date. As the head of delegate services, he looks forward to meeting everyone attending this year and hopes to provide an enjoyable conference experience.






Executive Officer for Socials

Christina Pletowski

Christina Pletowski is a first year law student at the Ludwig Maximilian University and in addition she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in North American Studies and Political Science with focus on American and transatlantic politics in December.

During her studies in the US, she started participating in MUN conferences, her first one being the Midwest MUN in Missouri, and was happy to continue in the UAE and Europe as a member of the Model United Nations Association Munich (MUNAM e.V.). Besides being a delegate or chair, she helped organizing IsarMUN last year, being responsible for Publicity and Marketing, is managing the current and the next MUNAM e.V. delegation project and furthermore is involved in the organization for LakeMUN 2019 as a part of the secretariat.

Christina is looking forward to serve as the Executive Officer for the Social Events and can’t wait to „reboot the international system“, reunite with familiar faces as well as get to know new passionate MUNers at IsarMUN 2019.

Outside of Model UN, Christina can be found playing tennis or at the gym, and she enjoys traveling, watching plays and visiting art exhibitions.