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Promoting Access to Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable and Modern Energy for All

Establishing Equitable and Inclusive Policies for Universal Education

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ECOSOC delegate? Get started now!

One of the UN’s six principal organs is the so called ECOSOC, short for the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Consisting of 54 members it is responsible for reflection, debate, and innovative thinking on all matters around sustainable development and coordinates the economic, social, and related work of 15 UN specialized agencies, their functional commissions and five regional commissions. The council holds one seven-week session each year in July, and since 1998, it has also held an annual meeting in April with finance ministers heading key committees of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 18 new members are selected each year for for the term of 3 years by the General Assembly with a provision that a retiring member can be re-elected.

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The Chairs

Tobias Dietrich

Tobias is 27 and graduated from Regensburg University with a M.Sc. Nanoscience in 2016 and is currently working with the local baseball club. He has done a multitude of MUN conferences beginning in high school and is looking forward to add IsarMUN as a new experience. He looks forward to work with enthusiastic delegates on different topics that challenge today’s world. MUN is always a challenge and every delegate should be ready and willing to take it and try to learn the most of it. Not only on the substantive, but also the intercultural and communicative level.
– what is your hidden talent?
Hidden or not so hidden for some: Tobi is working as a baseball announcer for German television.
– if you could go out to dinner with one politician, who would it be and why?
Joachim Gauck – Simply because I think he was a great Federal President for Germany and I’d be interested to have a talk with him.

Hoda Shoeir

Hoda Sanny Shoeir was born in Egypt on the 16th October 1999. Having spent her entire educational path in a German school, she recognized the discrepancy between the socially democratic welfare system of Germany and the autonomous kleptocracy of Egypt. Sheʼs witnessed the Arabian Spring first hand and was thus influenced by the idea of activism in the early stages of adolescence. She needed to find a platform for her inherent propensity to disagree with people, hence she joined MUN in 2015 as the delegate of Israel. Sheʼs participated in 8 MUNs nationally and internationally which has shaped her career path. She has thus chosen Political Science and Communication as her field of study after graduating highschool in 2018. She has started working at a call center as a Microsoft Technical Support Agent for Germany in April 2018. Knowing that the power lies in people and moreover in the skill of communicating with them, she hopes to take part in establishing peace in the Arabian peninsula.
Her hidden talent is always finishing all side quests in RPGs even if it means
neglecting the main quest. (She realizes this is not a talent.)
If she could have dinner with one politician it would be the first politician of the Kim family so she could poison his food before he could reproduce.

Natalie Raidl

Natalie is originally from Austria. She did her bachelors degree in Political Science at the University of Vienna, which is also where she started her MUN career. She was part of the Vienna International Model United Nations Conference from 2013-2015 and participated in other conferences in Europe and the United States. After finishing her bachelors degree, Natalie moved to Israel, where she is currently finishing her masters degree in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is also a board member of the Hebrew University Model United Nations society (HujiMUN) and Secretary General of JLMUN 2019.
Whenever Natalie is not involved with MUN, which is frankly barely the case, she loves playing the guitar and studying languages. Currently, she speaks German, Hungarian, Englisch, Hebrew and Arabic.
If she had to choose a politician as dinner partner, it would be the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, so she could ask her about her experience as a female, Muslim political leader.