Rethinking the global food economy towards sustainable food production and distribution

Number of delegates

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Room 3550

One of the UN’s six principal organs is the so called ECOSOC, short for the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Consisting of 54 members it is responsible for reflection, debate, and innovative thinking on all matters around sustainable development and coordinates the economic, social, and related work of 15 UN specialized agencies, their functional commissions and five regional commissions. The council holds one seven-week session each year in July, and since 1998, it has also held an annual meeting in April with finance ministers heading key committees of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 18 new members are selected each year for for the term of 3 years by the General Assembly with a provision that a retiring member can be re-elected.


The Chairs

Hoda Shoier

Hoda Shoeir is an Egyptian Political Science and Communication student at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität since 2018, the year she moved from Cairo to Munich. After graduating high-school and quitting her job for a tech company, she decided to study abroad to adapt social welfare state values that can be implemented to further aid in the pacification process of the Arabian Peninsula. Her dream is to see a border-free, peaceful, democratic Arab Union whose citizens share their love for freedom and Hummus. Aside from talking politics and vehemently disagreeing with people she enjoys video games, dogs and archery. Hoda feels honored to chair IsarMUN for the second time.

Maurice Thaidigsmann

Maurice is a 24-year old recent masters graduate of public policy with long lasting MUN experience (and passion). He is currently doing an internship with a policy consultancy startup in Zurich. Maurice has been serving in various positions at over 20 conferences, through which he developed a passion for high-quality negotiations and creative, detailed resolutions. He loves to be challenged and surprised by your ideas! However, do neither underestimate his ability to party nor hesitate to talk to him about your passions and interests as he is easily fascinated by all kinds of stories and activities.

Jochem Lammersman

Jochem is a 23 years old Master student in International Relations and Security at the University of Groningen. He previously studied History at that same university (spoiler: it’s even better than Game of Thrones). Here he became familiar with Model United Nations through the work of the TEIMUN foundation. Jochem has never been part of IsarMUN before and is really looking forward to the conference. On a more unmoderated note, he enjoys cracking up from his own horrible jokes, pretending to speak (nonsensical) French and believes the occasional consumption of pizza is a human right. This IsarMUN newcomer looks forward to seeing old friends from other conferences and to meet the many new people coming to IsarMUN 2019. Feel free to approach Jochem during the session breaks or socials as he would love to meet many of the delegates!