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Schedule IsarMUN x UN75

SATURDAYOpening Ceremony  [10:00 – 11:00] First Session [11:00 – 12:00]Expert Session [12:00 – 14:00] Lunch Break [14:00 – 15:00] Second Session [15:00 – 16:30] Tech on the Rocks [18:30 – 20:00] Socials [20:00 – Open End] SUNDAY Third Session [11:00 – 12:30] Coffee Break [12:30 – 12:45] Final Session [12:45 – 13:45] Closing Ceremony [14:00 –…
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Thursday 21st Room N1080, General Workshops Debating Like a Pro [14:30-15:30] Rules of Procedure [15.30-16:30] Resolution Writing & Strategy [16:30-17:30]Opening Ceremony [19:00 – 20:30] Thursday 21st Room 0-544, Specialised Workshops (To be attended by delegates or staff from those committees) Chair Briefing [14:30-15:30] Press Briefing [15.30-16:30] Yemen Peace Negotiations Workshop  [16:30-17:30]Opening Ceremony [19:00 – 20:30]


At this year’s IsarMUN be prepared to be blown away by our amazing socials! On each evening be complemented by an incredible set of festivities for all delegates to enjoy. Every delegate gets free access to all our socials, included in the delegate fee. So what are you waiting for? Check the socials out below…
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UN Commission for Science and Technology

Level Beginner/ Intermediate Topics Innovations in medical technology: Robots, AI and 3D printing Number of delegates +/- 40 Location Room 3539 The United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) is a subsidiary body of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), one of the six main organs of the United Nations. It is…
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International Court of Justice

Level Advanced Topics Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the crime of Genocide (Croatia / Serbia) Number of delegates 13 Location Room 1237 One of the UN’s six principal organs is the the International Court of Justice. Also called the World Court it is the primary legal organ of the United…
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The Secretariat 2020 The secretariat perform a vital role in IsarMUN 2020, fulfilling all the academic and substantial part of the conference. They are also a wealth of information and experience for IsarMUN to draw upon throughout the conference and beyond. Secretary-General Inés Faghihi Inés Faghihi is currently a Masters student at the University of…
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Executive Team

The Executive Team 2020 A conference is only as good as its organisers, and we’re glad in this respect to have such a fantastic team organising IsarMUN 2020. Conference Managers Svenja Chen Svenja Chen is a fourth-year law student at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, where she specializes in Public International Law. She has been participating in…
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Rules of Procedure The Rules of Procedure govern all debates taking place during the conference. Since IsarMUN x UN75 is taking a slightly different approach this year, we urge all participants to familiarize with and understand the Rules of Procedure.The Rules of Procedure designed for IsarMUN will secure an orderly and productive working atmosphere during…
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Press Team

The IsarMUN Press Team Location During Conference: Room 1577 Become a professional journalist for a weekend Do you enjoy writing articles, are into social media, like to take photos and you are generally interested in journalism? IsarMUN 2019 is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and learn more about creating media content by writing and…
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THURSDAYRegistration  Room 3550 [11:00 – 18:00] Workshops: How to Debate Like a Pro[14:30-15:30] Rules of Procedure[15.30-16:30] Resolution Writing & Strategy[16:30-17:30] Opening Ceremony [19:00 – 20:30]Reception and Bar Night [21:00 – End] FRIDAY Session I  [09:00 –  13:30]Lunch [13:00 – 15:00]Session II [14:30 – 18:00]Bavarian Dinner[20:00 – End] SATURDAY Session III [09:00 – 13:30]Lunch [13:00 – 15:00]Session IV [14:30 – 18:00]Gala Night [21:00 – End]…
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