Munich, Germany

Author: Jules Bertemes

A ceasefire is born

After passionate debates during moderated and unmoderated caucus, after many secret handwritten notes passed across tables, after solving the issue of realistic behaviour, a ceasefire is born in the Yemeni peace talks committee.  It is difficult to say, how strongly this agreement was influenced by this one message, delivered via express courier across the room.…
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The Not-so-shy delegates

This is their first participation, they don’t feel comfortable speaking in English, or they simply prefer to think before acting: it doesn’t stop the “silent” delegates thinking. Every MUN is a lot of excitement and learning. This is an incredible moment to make new friends, practice its diplomacy skills and enjoy an international experience. However,…
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Words from our brain

“Words are powerful!” – emphasized Stephen Ibelli, Public Affairs Chief of the US Consul in Munich, during the opening ceremony of IsarMUN 2019. It seems words are the only solution in a globalized and intertwined world, where human made complexity is not graspable anymore. Because of the extent of globalization and trading dependencies, words are…
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Historical Security Council: Big lesson of diplomacy

The Historical Security Council is working hard to find a resolution concerning the aftermath of the Six Days War between Israel and its neighbours in 1967. Various draft resolutions have been submitted and the discussion goes on between motivated and involved delegates. This advanced committee offers a significant vision of diplomacy and negotiations process in…
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Interview with the delegate of Saudi Arabia in the Yemeni peace talk committee

During the morning committee meeting on the second day of the Yemeni peace talk, the importance of a ceasefire for negotiating the potential federal system in Yemen caused disagreements between many delegations. Mostly Saudi Arabia does not accept talking about the ceasefire, since the Houthis government often broke the ceasefire before.   Do you see any…
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‘What is normal?’, an expert opinion at ECOSOC on Friday

An interview of Prof. Dr. Jutta Roosen for marketing and consumer research at TUM regarding ‘normal’ meat consumption. She was a guest today at ECOSOC committee to talk about struggles on sustainable food production and needed changes in food consumption.  

How to be a good gossiper in 5 steps

Always keep eyes/ears open Do not hesitate to read notes negotiations Hide like a pro Provoke misunderstanding Accuse others for writing it   Enjoy !

Is there an important hidden aspect of sustainable food production?

[OPINION] The ECOSOC delegate of Uruguay confirmed the implementation of the Paris Agreement in reducing their carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable food production. Bovine meat is an essential export good of Uruguay. According to OEC, bovine meat represents 20% of their total exports, “Uruguai wants to succeed with sustainable food goals not by…
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UN Women: slow beginning for a lot of talks

For the first session of the UN Women committee, debates went slowly and discussions were going in circles. Passed the opening statements of each state, delegates raised the question of abortion under special circumstances and sexual education. The topic regarding abortion has long been discussed without reaching any consensus due to the strong position of…
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