ACP-EU Summit




Fostering Cooperation for Climate Change Adaptation Given the new Commitments by ACP and EU States on Climate Policy

Number of delegates




The African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States and European Union Development Cooperation is a global forum to discuss development issues between the ACP and the EU. It deals with economic, democratic and cultural issues. It has been the primary cooperation tool between the two organisations and groups of nations and has helped channel EU funding into the ACP and sharing of information.


The Chairs

Adelaida Rojas Lleras

Adelaida is a young, joyful Colombian currently studying in France. She studied two years of Economic and Applied Mathematics at Toulouse 1 Capitole University and did her last year in Economic Strategies, Decisions and Politics at the University of Bordeaux. She will start there this fall for her master’s degree in Development Economics.  She has been doing MUN now for six years in Colombia, France, Uk and India, and where she has met wonderful people throughout. She has worked in various positions such as delegate, chair, undersecretary general, even secretary general, in various committees and regarding a great variety of topics as well.

Attila Nagy

I’m Attila Nagy, I went to University of Novi Sad, faculty of law in Serbia. My passion for the EU could be originated from my internship at the European Parliament. Thanks to this opportunity I was able to get a deeper and detailed understanding of how the EU, its institutions, legislation function and operates. Since then I have participated in numerous MEU and MUNs mostly as a chair. My goal is to prove to the attendees that the EU could be explained in an understandable manner, but because of its broad influence, we tend to overwhelm with unnecessary and unimportant information which leads to confusion. It took part in various civil activities inside of Serbia and abroad as well. I like to teach and to give people the essential skills and knowledge and wake up the passion to seek new knowledge. Currently, I’m the Secretary-General of BETA Europe a pan European organisation with 21 national branches and also serve as a President of on National Branch, BETA Serbia. 

Besides this, I enjoy activism regardless if it is political, social or environmental until it serves an objective good cause.  As a hobby, I would mention motorbikes, driving, working on it and the same goes to almost everything with internal combustion engines. I love photographing, but I still prefer an analogue machine. 

I’m honoured to be one of the chairs of the innovative ACP-EU at IsarMUN 2019 and I can’t wait to see you all.

Maximillian Zimmerer

Maximilian is a 23-year-old postgraduate student in Energy-Geosciences at the University of Edinburgh and holds a bachelor’s degree in Geophysics from Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. He was furthermore studying abroad in St. Petersburg for 5 months.  He started Model UN in his senior year in 2017 and took part in several MUNs as a delegate for the Model United Nations Association of Munich (MUNAM e.V.). During last year, he gathered hands-on-experience in EU development policy as an Intern in the European Parliament and for the German Development Cooperation (GIZ), which he would like to involve as a chair in this years’ ACP-EU-Summit at IsarMUN.