Committees & Press 2017



Press Team

This year’s session will, for the first time in IsarMUN history, host a Press Team consisting of 1-2 Editors/Editresses and 5-6 Journalists. The ultimate purpose of the Press Team will be to make sure IsarMUN Participants have a more intensive IsarMUN Experience, adding depth to the conference diversity. The Press Team will be writing articles about the conference topics and publish them in the official “Conference Issues”, tweeting live about the course of the debates, interviewing important figures from the conference, shooting photos and making videos. We are also looking for at least one member with video-editing skills.

If you love MUN, but inside a committee is not your cup of tea, the press-team may just be for you. We are looking forward to this new concept, waiting for your applications and extremely excited to see and work with you all in November.

Applications open: 10.06.2017