Highly Venerable Delegates and Participants of IsarMUN 2017,


It is our utmost pleasure to announce the 10th anniversary of IsarMUN. This year’s edition is going to take place in Munich between 23rd – 26th November 2017.

After IsarMUN’s evolvement to an international conference in 2016, this year’s secretariat has the ambitious goal to affirm your high expectations. We want to further enhance IsarMUN’s academic quality and global spirit while hosting an even greater number of participants from all around the globe in the renowned building of the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. Having such high aspirations for the conference, we are more than passionate and devoted to organise another meeting for us all to gather great memories and seize the most unique moments.

We take great pride in announcing our Conference Motto “An open World?”. In light of the new motto we are offering you the opportunity to discuss issues of global importance and widen your horizon along the way. What we promise is to work ceaselessly to make not only the committee sessions a complete success, but also give everyone the chance to blow off the steam of a long day at our awesome social events.

What better opportunity is there to meet over 200 people in the so far largest edition of IsarMUN? Let’s create a culturally diversified and inspiring learning experience in one of Europe’s most brightly shining cities – Munich! What better environment is there to debate the future of the world, than a conference taking place in the building, which was once home to the “White Rose” Movement?

If you are interested, save the date already! We would love to have you in Munich between the 23rd – 26th November 2017 and experience a memorable IsarMUN 2017 with you all.


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Best regards,

IsarMUN 2017 Organization Team and Secretariat Team